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People like to get quick solutions to an ever expanding number of problems so we offer technical support for any product that has been serviced by us. We will work with you over the phone, by e-mail, in our live chat, or in the forums to guarantee the best possible experience. In the case of a problem requiring physical access to the unit or professional service our customer service personnel will be able to diagnose and pass on to technicians the exact problem and solution before they are sent out. This results in less time required for repairs and less repeats of the same information. All of our customer service personnel are computer technicians that do not use scripts for more detailed and accurate explanations.


(401) 244-5855
Rhode Island
(860) 796-9610
10:00AM-1:00AM ET Monday-Friday
  9:30AM-1:00AM ET Saterday-Sunday

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Notice: Verification of service may be required based on serial numbers, service documents, or other means.