In Progress:

Project Apache_NG17: Planned: 0%

Project Bootstrap and UIkit: Preparing Conversion: 20%

Project Chatbox: Testing and Coding: 30% (On Hold)

Project Firmware: Posting: 75%

Project Group: Transitioning: 45%

Project Lockdown_3: Planned: 50%

Project PBX: Searching for Equipment and Software: 5%

Project Pipe: Searching for Equipment and Software: 25%

Project Relink(Webpage Reassembly): Minor Adjustments Remain: 95%

Project S12r2: Implementing: 10%

Project Supersonic(Radio): Implementing: 70% (On Hold)

Project Theater: Correcting Code: 70%

Project W7: Implementing: 95%

Project W10: Implementing: 50%


Project Apache_12

Project Apache_14

Project Apache_17

Project Apache_NG3

Project Apache_NG4

Project Apache_NG9

Project Asgard

Project Atheros

Project Cisco

Project Core Duo

Project Core iDuo

Project Delivery

Project DDNS

Project File

Project FiOS

Project Interconnect

Project Keystroke

Project Linux

Project Lockdown

Project Lockdown_2

Project Morph

Project Mutate: Phase 1 &: Phase 2

Project NewMail

Project NewMail_2

Project Osiris

Project Overcharge

Project S8r2

Project S12

Project Stretch

Project XHTML


Project LinuxSrv

Project Resurrection

Project Rune


Note: Percentages are how much of the whole project is complete. The Phase of each project is placed right before the percentage.